Let Go EP – Out Now

We’re super excited to announce that The Let Go EP is out now! You can go to our online store to download your digital copy today. 

And we’re still giving away the first single ‘Let Go’ for a FREE DOWNLOAD.

We’re so happy to finally have this thing out in the world, and we’d love to thank all the wonderful people that helped us bring it together. 

Mike Avenaim, for his epic production and drumming skills. Joel Burton the bass man, Bobby Holland the mix master, Evren Goknar the master master, and Josh, Marty and Ross for all their efforts with the video and photo stuff.

We hope you all like it 🙂




Written by – Elle May, Jordan Millar & Mike Avenaim
Produced by: Mike Avenaim & Jordan Millar

Drums: Mike Avenaim
Bass: Joel Burton
Guitars & Other Sounds: Jordan Millar
Vocals: Elle May & Jordan Millar

Produced and Recorded at Oberon Lane Productions (Sydney, Australia) & at PLAY:PAUSE:RECORD (Los Angeles, California)
Mixed by Bobby Holland at Pentavarit (Nashville, Tennessee)
Mastered by Evren Göknar at Capitol Records (Los Angeles, California)


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